Luxury Retail – Couture Services


Luisant translates to mean Shimmering in French as in shimmering healthy skin, hair and the shimmering mind, body, and soul of the truest ”you”.


Located on second floor and served by a private elevator entrance, Maison Luisant Houston provides the ultimate urban oasis. Enveloped in luxury and focused on all the art forms needed for you to complete your most perfect look and total Beauty Wardrobe. Inside, Maison Luisant awaits a meditative personal setting for guests to embark on a sublime journey toward relaxation and beautification reaching far beyond the traditional experience.


Maison Luisant is born out of a sincere understanding and passion for Couture Esthetics in Makeup, Fragrance, Skincare, Body, Hair and Health, in addition to the pursuit for lasting wellness, which we define as a way of life focusing on physical, emotional and mental well-being. We are committed to delivering all aspects of beauty and luxury with integrity and honesty, providing focus and inspiration to enhance lifestyle, in an environment that delights all the senses.


Maison Luisant is a haven for contemplation & discovery as well as Beautification. Guided by heritage but influenced by diversity, a curated distinct concept with a unique sense of place and purpose in concert with our curated selection of retail brand partners and beauty services awaits you.



Our Mission in Motion